Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Croatia Week #2


Slavo Bogu! (Praise the Lord in Croatian)!

Greetings from Zadar!  Zadar is a seaport city along the West Coast of Croatia.  Today marks the completion of two weeks in Croatia and the third day of our journey down the coast, which is now called the Dalmatian Coast.  We had incredible opportunity to hold two worship seminars the last three days, and yesterday, Sunday, March 24th, I was invited to preach for one of the largest churches in Croatia (Rijeka).  In fact, the church has grown to a point where they are building a new facility (the third church we’ve been to that has outgrown their space).  Many people responded with such encouraging words and told us they had never even heard of a “sacrifice of praise,” a topic I address in each church we visit.  We have never seen such hunger for the things of God, and especially people clamoring to know more knowledge of worship!

In Rijeka, we were housed at Christ Church where they have a large four-bedroom condominium which serves as a refuge for families that have children in the top cancer hospital in Croatia.  They didn’t charge us anything, but offerings were accepted, so we gave generously, especially since we discovered the purpose of the center where we stayed.  It’s an incredible ministry that is usually filled with moms staying with their children…thank the Lord that the place wasn’t being used as they don’t allow men to stay where the women are housed.  We especially thank the Lord that there were no children sick and hospitalized at this time (that needed long-term care)!

For the next three days we will be ministering to two churches in Zadar, a Baptist Church, and a Pentecostal Church.  In fact, both churches are coming together for a combined worship seminar on the third day (Wednesday, March 27)!  The cooperation between Evangelical Churches is much greater in the Northern area of Croatia than in the Southern Coastal cities, where we experienced conflicts between churches last summer when we were here.  The topics that I share are typically about “Lifestyle Worship,” “What God Expects From Worshippers,” and “Talent vs. Character,” as well as workshops with worship teams and afternoon consultations with the Worship Leaders.   

We are so grateful to the Lord for HIS powerful mercy, kindness, and anointing that he has showered upon us while we minister; it’s obvious that God wants to do a new work in this country…and we’re excited to
“be about our Father’s business” in Eastern Europe!  I pray that our Newsletters and pictures give you some idea of the kind of experiences we’ve been having, as well as the character and uniqueness of the Balkan culture.  There are 13 countries that make up the “Balkans,” and although each one has their own language, they are all very similar in what they believe and practice.  The Catholic Church is the dominant force in Croatia, but unfortunately most are nominal in their attendance, and very few actually have a living relationship with Christ.  Less than half of 1% are practicing Christians, so the need here is very great!  We are so blessed to live in America where there is an abundance of churches that practice “Lifestyle Worship!”

Thank you again for your prayers and financially support that keep us alive and “on the road!”  We are indebted to each of you that pray and/or give!

May the Lord bless you abundantly, and that you recognize the incredible opportunities you have in the USA!

In Christ Alone,

David and Grace

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