Thursday, March 28, 2013

The New Old Song or the Same Old Song?

The New Old Song or The Same Old Song?
By David Ritter
After years of hearing the same songs repeated over and over again, we often hear the terms “outdated,” “ineffective,” and “it doesn’t move me anymore.” Even a powerful song, after it has been presented multiple times, can seem to lose its luster.  However, I submit that it is the worship team, choir, and worshipers who “change”… not the song.  If the “old songs” fail to “move” us anymore, it is not the fault of the song, but rather, the heart of the singer or congregation member who fails to recognize the NEVER-changing power of the scriptures.
A positive emotional reaction to scripture set to music does not place any more value on it.  It is already anointed.  In contrast, a negative reaction does not invalidate the Word of the Lord set to music. All of us, at times, get accustomed to a song or a scripture, and it doesn’t seem to have the original power when we first heard it.  
So, if the words of an anointed song always have the initial power as when it was first created, what can we do to ensure that the same power never loses it’s grip?   
Psalm 45:7 and Hebrews 1:9 both declare how we can receive the anointing of God on our music, our ministry and our lives.  “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness, therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy.”  When God anoints us there is a spiritual change that takes place, even if it is the same scripture or song that we have heard hundreds of times.
How do we keep the congregation from being bored by the repetition of scripture or a song?  If a song is truly an inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then it follows that it will always have the original anointing as when it was first penned.  So, when someone says, “That song doesn’t move me anymore,” what went wrong?  It certainly can’t be the Holy Spirit, so it must fall on us as congregational worshippers and those in Music Ministry to question why. I believe two things must happen: The congregation must be taught that we are not singing the songs for them…they are there to give to God, not to receive (although that is a serendipity of giving).  Secondly, the Worship Leader, choir and musicians must seek the face of God so that His Spirit would anoint our ministry.  We don’t seek the anointing, we seek the Anointer…when we do that, the songs, (whether old or new) will have the anointing and power to move individuals to worship God.  The responsibility is for us to keep our spiritual lives fresh!  In Ezekiel 37:4, God took dry bones and gave them flesh.  We need that same power of God to take our dry songs and breathe in new life.
We will be learning 15 new anointed and powerful songs this season.  Let’s make sure they have the same power and anointing two years from now as they do when we first hear them!!!  “Love righteousness and hate wickedness and be anointed with the OIL OF JOY!”  Amen!

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