Monday, August 26, 2013

Bulgaria - Week #3

We started off this week in Zavoy with an interview on Bulgaria’s largest Christian Television station hosted by Pastor Blagovest Belev. The program lasted around 45 minutes where I shared my testimony and about lifestyle worship, a concept that seems foreign to so many here in Bulgaria. 

The next day, I preached in the town of Yambol, a city of around 70,000 people.  When I gave the altar call, the front of the church was flooded with people who needed prayer.  Pastor Yancho Ganev and I prayed for nearly two hours since there were so many people who had come forward for healing and rededication to the Lord.  After the service, we met with the worship leader and team to help them with their worship ministry and they were very receptive.

That evening, our host, Pastor Blagovest, surprised us by coming to pick us up in a horse drawn cart used by the Gypsies!  We then rode to a Gypsy Church and ministered to them in their small village.  It was heart wrenching to see these people who had so little offer everything they had to worship God…a true sacrifice of praise!

We then traveled to the coastal cities of Burgas, Varna, and Pomerie where we ministered in music and spoke on worship to 4 different churches.  It has been such a blessing to meet some of the most Godly Christ-honoring Pastors who lead their churches with wisdom and humility.  In fact, a dear friend of Antonio (our interpreter, driver, and guide), had written the most remarkable Bulgarian Christian song.   I plan on arranging the song "Samo Teb" (which means "Only You!)"  and will try to get it published in English back in the's the most moving song we've heard! 

It truly is amazing to see all that God has done, is doing, and WILL DO here in Bulgaria.  A year ago, I never dreamed I would be coming here to minister...yet the need has been so great because the Christians are persecuted by the Orthodox Church! (Evangelicals are considered a “cult!” And, whenever there is persecution of believers, there is always a mighty move of God to subvert and route the enemy!  AMEN!  The Christians are so hungry for worship, teaching on worship, and just to be prayed for...I've never seen anything like it!  From the time we got here, I felt impressed to give altar calls to encourage people to come forward to accept Christ, rededicate their lives, or just let us pray for their needs...I had no idea that there would be such an overwhelming's an incredible blessing to experience, but also humbling.  Our prayer is that God would be glorified in all that is said and done!  

Here is an email I received from one worship leader:

It’s been our uttermost honor and pleasure welcoming you in Pomorie – it’s the least we could do for you.
You and the whole team has brought such a blessing to us all, though spending just a few hours, not only through the deep and practical teaching you shared, but also through the great personal example you presented us. You are all such great role models and we’ve been overwhelmed by your humility and humbleness! It’s been definitely a privilege for us all to have you and the whole team in Pomorie! Daniela Gyurkova.

Every pastor we have met has welcomed us with the joy of the Lord and treated us far better than we deserve!  I only wish I could take all of you to Bulgaria to see the miraculous things that God is doing here!  Please continue to pray for us….we don’t take HIS anointing and power for granted! AMEN!

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